Customized tour management

We specialize in providing you with customized tour management. You can always count on Travel King to cooperate with your tour leader in handling any emergency that may occur on your scheduled trip ... from start to finish!

Economy Prices

Lowest ticket prices depend on our ability to negotiate between carriers, while securing for you low prices, plus maximum benefits and safe travel. Our 30 years experience in the travel business allows us to arrange the best trip for your travel dollar.


Travel consultants on hand

You'll receive maximum travel benefits when you go with Travel King. Our travel consultants are always on hand to suggest ways to make your tours more enjoyable and fulfilling. There may be stopovers or a variety of side trips available to you for a minimum of cost

The Human Touch

The explosion of high-tech communication has not eliminated the need for "the human touch" in overseas travel. We at Travel King will go overboard to handle any problem or emergency that may arise with your group's tour