Welcome to Travel King Tours! We here at Travel King Tours invite you to take advantage of our royal tours along with the discount prices that we are privileged to offer. Take a look at the following Extra Benefits that we offer and do ask us for a quote to your next trip.

Discount Prices to all Church Groups

Low ticket prices depend much on our ability to negotiate and to recommend the best carrier for your group’s destination. Our 37 years of experience has placed us in good stead with the many hundreds of agents and airline personnel that can greatly affect the prices your group pays for tickets. When you deal with Travel King, you’re sure to get the lowest ticket prices along with the highest quality travel.

Convenient Arrangements

Our experienced Travel King team has developed helpful guidelines for assisting your group’s leader to best manage the travel arrangements. Once we have been furnished with names of your tour participants, we can guide and assist in obtaining the necessary travel documents. Supplementary insurance packages and special needs can also be arranged by our Travel King team.

More Meaningful Travel

There are several ways that Travel King Tours can make your group’s travel more meaningful and pleasant to experience. A stop-over or side trip can often be arranged with little extra cost to ticket holders. Our experienced travel consultants are always on hand to suggest ways to maximize your travel enjoyment and goals.

Follow Through Services

The complex nature of group travel cannot be handled merely with a computer. It takes a human touch to handle problems and emergencies that often arise. That’s where the Travel King team can assist you most. We pledge to follow through with services that begin and end with your complete satisfaction.

Our Pledge to You

“Together, our Travel King Team vows to work hard to provide the best prices and services to all individuals and groups with whom we will be working with their future travel”.